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SBI Card

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Creative Director

Rita Dhankani

Executive Producer

Mehul Mahicha


SBI Card came to us with a need to spread awareness about fraud calls pertaining to their bank details. They wanted a simple film that could communicate their direct message and had envisioned a simple stock film. Well.. our creative senses felt that this won’t do justice.


We wanted to craft a message out of a common insight, and our brainstorming led us to the thought that “don’t be that  guy”. That guy who gives out their bank details because they are careless, overconfident or just naïve. This is our base, we built characters who had exaggerated personalities based on these flaws.

This also added a lot of humor to our film, elevating it from just a straight forward message. The film was always envisioned as live action so that we could connect with our audiences for the desired impact.


These personifications resulted in interesting characters like Puppet, Raja. Baby and the guy on the feature phone. Each script was developed around this imagery. They ended with a message of caution as to what we should share and what we shouldn’t. We also wanted one character to play these four different roles.

Once we had clear direction we began storyboarding, keeping in mind that this was a character driven film so he must be given the center stage. We envisioned where the character would be set, his attire, props and what the flow of information.  But that does not mean we didn’t plan the setting, designing our own stage to suit the character and providing the right props and attire for him.


Now it came down to brass tacks, as we began to design the stage and start the shooting. After a couple of auditions with stand up comic artists, we found Chirayu fit the role. His comic timing and grasp on the subject was spot on, our message came out strongly. Yet, we faced a lot of challenges. From managing the props like puppet’s threats to the baby’s toys, to Chirayu’s missing socks it was certainly a roller coaster ride.

In Spite of this it all went smoothly and we were able to shoot something we were proud of. Especially since it was during the pandemic scare. Then came the times to create icons of all the information you mustn’t share and our goal was to keep the communication clear. 

The last stage was music and we decided to tailor make situations that enhanced the message. While each situation was different from the other, we made sure all the four films had some similar beats strengthening their place under one single campaign.


SBI card was supported us right from the scripting stage. This was because of they understood the impact of well grounded humour. The client also brought in great pointers that merged perfectly and gave our film a new angle.



SBI Card


Rita Dhankani


Mehul Mahicha

Project Lead

Manas Sarma


Manas Sarma, Aditya Mehta, Jeremy Pinto

Sound Studio

Voice Box Productions