Xiaomi 11 Lite 2D

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Creative Director

Mehul Mahicha

Executive Producer

Mehul Mahicha


We had the privilege of collaborating with DDB Mudra for Xiaomi on an exciting project to create two animated films that would highlight the features of their newly launching 5G smartphones, the Xiaomi 11 Lite NE. The brief required us to showcase two of the brand’s top executives, Manu Jain and Jaskaran Singh, utilising the phones and their features in a highly imaginative and futuristic manner. The goal was to create films that would have a global appeal and showcase the scale of Xiaomi’s innovation.

However, one of the main challenges we faced was the tight timeline. With the products having a fixed launch date, it was essential for us to work efficiently and effectively to meet the deadline.


By infusing both films with a futuristic element, we aimed to accentuate the innovative features of the Xiaomi 11 Lite NE while portraying a sense of ease, convenience, and uninterrupted connectivity. These creative choices allowed us to visually communicate the phone’s capabilities in a captivating manner, leaving the audience with a clear understanding of its global reach and powerful functionalities.


In the production phase, we took a deliberate approach to create a tech-based film with an organic design aesthetic. The character designs were kept simple yet distinct, animated using frame-by-frame 2D animation techniques. The backgrounds were designed to be simple yet supportive of the character illustration style. The films were brought to life with a music composition that matched the overall feeling, creating an immersive and cohesive experience.


The engaging content, combined with the organic design aesthetic and groovy music, resonated with the audience, generating positive feedback and interaction. The films achieved their intended impact and successfully met the client’s expectations, resulting in a successful campaign and a satisfied client.