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Khalifa University

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Creative Director

Rita Dhankani

Executive Producer

Mehul Mahicha


Creative Kettle approached us with an interesting proposition, they wanted to promote their university as one who offers a wide range of streams to choose from. They believed in the research and expertise they were bringing to each stream. We need to personify this belief and bring their values in through our story. This is why we decided to create a character who would drive the film’s objective clearly. 

When Khalifa University approached us, we saw a lot of potential in the diverse courses that were offered. Thus we decided to create a character driven film that promotes these exciting courses. 


The script that we received from Creative Kettle was enriching but  would surely be enhanced with animation. This got our ball rolling as it was an exciting time for both Creative Kettle and for us, as this was the first animation promotion film for both of us. Our research went into creating a film that spoke that caught the pulse of the youth, like an extension of their mindset. A representation of Khalifa that would hook the readers in.


Out of these parameters came Abdullah, a boy who represented youthful curiosity. For the first month we refined the script with Kettle, working side by side so that each dialogue and sequence was of value. We wanted to bring the feeling of dream careers that Khalifa could fulfil.  What followed was storyboard enhancement, where we improved  things on a visual level. We aimed to represent the middle eastern culture ,language, attire and much more. We requested a video walkthrough of the university , photographs of the interiors  and the exterior so that we understood what was the space we were to re-create. Characters were also design keeping this research in mind. We also did an exercise of acting, so as to bring the actions in animation stronger. Being thorough was the key. 


With the script, visualisation and in-depth R&D in place , we were ready for the actual production. We had a passionate team who were dedicated to specific sets of work. This included 2D, 3D modelling, rigging. There were also animators and composters in place. We first created a clay model of the 3D character, so that our modellers understood the characters better. Each room had a set design in place which synced with the character. The entire pre-production was done in illustration to finalise the look, set, props and colours, characters, clothes, university and basic mood of the film. As filmmakers, language is a welcome challenge, so working with Arabic was a lot of fun. Although expressions and actions are universal, that’s an animator’s true strength. 


Five months of passionate hard work from our side and the clients valuable involvement, gave a stunning film that bagged an FICCI nomination as well.  



Khalifa University

Creative Agency

Creative Kettle


Rita Dhankani


Mehul Mahicha

Project Lead

Manas Sarma

3D Team

Manas Sarma, Gnan Sai Reddy

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Voice Box Productions