Sathya vs Mythya

Advertising Films


Max Bupa

Date | Duration


Creative Director

Rita Dhankani

Executive Producer

Mehul Mahicha


We were approached by River Advertising to produce an ad series that was based on two Max Bupa characters called “Sathya and Mythya”. We had to target any office going individual who needed to save money.

The characters were in 2D, so another challenge was to figure out how do we bring these characters into a 3D space.


The reason why the client and agency was hesitant to change the characters was because they were already quite beloved, So we started to study how we could bring in the features of these present 2D characters into 3D animation.


Since the script’s communication was developed from Satya (truth) and Mythya (false), our goal was to educate the brand’s community about health insurance in a fun, quirky and an engaging way.

Since we could not tweak any of the characters, we knew that we had to think of a smarter way to bring out the aesthetics and expressions required to bring out the concept. After a few suggested, when we found that the character designs were not changeable we refined the characters and a gave them their 3D avatars. Getting the expressions in sync with the older version was very important and we adapted a mix-medium style for the series, using both 2d and 3d animation techniques! Riverside loved it and we are all set to execute the proposed representation of the characters and the storylines!


Giving 2d expressions to 3d characters was new for us. But with a great team and intention to get the emotions correct so as to make the ads appealing enough for its smart audiences, we could find the best way forward. We made the decision to animate the 3D characters in front of 2D spaces, which was a creative solution within the circumstance and time. The characters’ clothes and garments were also tailored and had to be animated per frame, each design resembling the area they were in. 


To our pride, it was great to see the agency took our 3d versions of Sathya and Mythya and created series of comic strips for further communications. The characters were launched in a Bollywood movie trailer format. The campaign was built around conversations between these two characters via comic strips, puzzles and tips.



Max Bupa

Creative Agency

River Advertising

Agency Director

Abhinav Pratiman


Mehul Mahicha and Rita Dhankani

Look and Feel

Rita Dhankani


Mehul Mahicha and Rita Dhankani

Sound Studio

Voice Box Productions

3D modelling & Rigging

Teekesh Kumawat, Tanay Dimri


Tanay Dimri


Jaikumar Balasubramanian, Srinivas Prasad, Teekesh Kumwat, Rita Dhankani

2D Animation



Mehul Mahicha

Music Director

Roy Menezes

VO Artist

Ghanshyam Shukla, Ashish