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Vasu Collective

Date | Duration


Creative Director

Rita Dhankani

Executive Producer

Mehul Mahicha


Vasu Dixit came to us with an interesting musical composition, inspired by a poem written by poet Mamta Sagar. He wanted us to reconceptualise the video , combining the audio and with hypnotic visuals that gave the song a feel of meditative state. He wanted to launch his music video on YouTube.


This was an interesting project, as we had to think of visuals that personified the musical ambience that was created. We proposed three routes, the first one was a story told through illustrated frames with dynamic camera movement. The second route was to create self reflection, where we visually also used reflective surfaces to personify the message.


Finally we settled on the third idea ,which was to create a seamless hypnotic video that resembled an ever flowing river. We wanted to use an amalgamation of mediums (live action and 2D animation) that created a fantastical world derived from the message. Initially, we were inspired from what our eyes perceived as the space above us, kaleidoscopic shots that brought out the trance-like effect intended to go with the music and the lyrics carried a deep meaning and our aim was to capture the depth through our visualisation. 

Our inspiration were music videos like Feels like we’re only going backwards by Tame Impala, Go Bang by Pnau and Cirrus by Bonobo.


Since the messaging was abstract and we wanted to provide that ethereal feeling to the video, the treatment that emerged was quite experimental. Capturing Vasu’s footage was very rewarding, but it came with a few challenges. We had to proportionally fit his physical form into the overall aesthetics of the world we had created for the music video. This was helped by the colours and actions we decided to use. Another challenge was to create visual translation for the lyrics in a convincing manner. At several sections we tried to draw parallels between and show some abstract concepts metaphorically. 

We created the video shot by shot, adding value to each stage. Being a creative practioner himself, Vasu’s inputs and open mindedness really helped us create this mind-bending video. 


The team involved had a fun experience collaborating, creating & animating this artistic music video.



Vasu Collective

Music composition

Vasu Dixit


Mamta Sagar

Vocals and Guitarlele

Vasu Dixit

Additional Vocals

Joel Sakkari

Programmed and arranged

Joel Sakkari and Abhilash Lakra


Abhilash Lakra


Vivek Thomas Productions

Music Video Direction

Rita Dhankani

Visual Script

Rita Dhankani

Art & Design Direction

Rita Dhankani

Animation Direction

Rita Dhankani

Visualisation & Storyboard

Vishal Harshey & Rita Dhankani


Vishal Harshey & Mehul Mahicha


Ratnendra Parmar

Prop Designs

Ratnendra Parmar

Animation & Compositing

Mehul Mahicha, Vishal Harshey, Manas Sarma, Gnan Sai Reddy

3D animation

Gnan Sai Reddy

2D Animation

Vishal Harshey

Production Coordinator

Karishma Parekh

Live Action Floor Director & Editor

Udayraj P J

Camera team

Shyam Nannaiah and Prakyath Narayan