Home based workers

Advertising Films


HNI Corporation

Date | Duration


Creative Director

Rita Dhankani

Executive Producer

Mehul Mahicha


Homenet South Asia (HNSA), a network of home-based workers in South Asia, reached out to us for a film that introduced the audience to the lives of workers and the numerous challenges they encounter in their line of work. The objective was to produce a simple yet impactful film that effectively portrayed the plight of the workers while highlighting potential improvements.


During the ideation phase, the focus was on creating a compelling introduction that would capture the audience’s attention. The script emphasized the subject matter, providing a concise overview of the problem at hand and highlighting ways in which situations could be improved. In terms of visual presentation, a decision was made to employ a simple stroke-based style of illustration. This style allowed for clean and clear visuals, while expressive faces were used to convey emotions effectively. Additionally, smooth movements were incorporated to enhance the overall flow of the video. To further enhance the messaging, supers and icons were utilized as graphics to effectively communicate key points, making the content visually engaging and easily understandable.


During the production phase, the team delved into character development and treatment exploration, as well as creating storyboards to give structure and form to the narrative. Given the limited timeframe, the team worked simultaneously on illustrations and animations to ensure timely progress. This multitasking approach enabled them to maintain the production pace without compromising on quality. Additionally, we employed smart storytelling techniques at strategic points in the film to enhance the impact and engagement of the narrative.


Over a short period of time, we crafted a compelling film that shed light on the struggles faced by home-based workers, emphasising the need for positive change that worked well for the HNSA.