Happy Earth Day

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Creative Director

Rita Dhankani

Executive Producer

Mehul Mahicha


We started this project with an intention to create a film for ‘Earth Day’ that is celebrated globally on the 22nd of April. We want to put our effort into creating an animated social film that’s not just good looking but also brings in information for its audiences on what they can really do to save the earth’s rapidly disappearing natural resources.


The idea that it’s not only expected of the governments or corporates to take care of our rich resources but also us who can really make a difference by choosing the right options. These options being LED usage instead of fluorescent lights, using reusable bags, avoiding excessive water usage, reducing-reusing-recycling, making best use of shared transport and choosing sustainable lifestyle.  


We decided to package our story with a happy earth character. It served as an anchor to our message, which was rooted in a common insight that we can only have a happy and secure planet, if we take the right steps.


Our approach was to follow a style that would mimic claymation. This allowed us to provide a believable movement to an otherwise immovable object that was the earth. We did explorations and in turn refined our skills to better storytelling, animation and styling. Mimicking Claymation in blender was an satisfying experience indeed.


All in all this being an inhouse project had its perks on timelines and style. We were overjoyed when we knew the film won us the Best Social Media for CSR award from Floxglove by Afaqs, leading online channel for the Indian marketing, advertising and media space.



In-House Films


Rita Dhankani


Mehul Mahicha

Project Lead

Manas Sarma

3D Team

Manas Sarma, Gnan Sai Reddy, Vishal Harshey