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Cure fit

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Creative Director

Rita Dhankani

Executive Producer

Mehul Mahicha


Curefit wanted to create a film that promoted the message that fitness is a necessity, not an option. They had conceptualized an idea that had a caveman running to catch a boar, only to be chased by a T-rex. The client wanted a minimal 2D animation done in a traditional style.


Once we got the script from the client, we started visualising the storyboard and characters for the same. While the storyboard was quite clear to us, character was a tough one to crack. Since these characters were semi-fictious, meaning they did not exist from our timeline. To solve this,. We broke our characters down to basic shapes and kept them that way so as to keep the aesthetic minimal and the characters recognisable. 


Once we cracked the preproduction stage, we moved onto creating the background treatment. With the backgrounds also we used the same thought process, where we tried to keep things minimal but made sure to give it a 3D feel. The actions were relatively simple, but through the right transitions, camera angles and choice of shots we managed to add anticipation and humor to a relatively linear story. 

This added a layer of depth into an otherwise flat film. The sound design was important in this film, as it set the mood. We played around with African drum beats and added just the right sfx so that there was an ambience created.

The film was well received by the clients.


This film did well in setting a new visual style for Cure fit and with a bang on message in a quirky manner, which is what the client wanted.





Rita Dhankani


Mehul Mahicha

Look & Feel

Manas Pratim Sarma, Rita Dhankani

Story board

Surya Prakash Reddy, Chinmay Desai


Surya Prakash Reddy, Chinmay Desai


Surya Prakash Reddy, Chinmay Desai, Jeremy Pinto

Music Direction

Aditya Sen

Sound Studio