Britannia Slice Cheese

Advertising Films



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Creative Director

Rita Dhankani

Executive Producer

Mehul Mahicha


Mc Cann approached us for a 5 seconds TVC that promoted their offer “Get free Camel Oil Pastels with Britannia Cheese Slice”. Our aim was to capture the attention of their youngest audience and engage their parents too.


With this project, we took our time coming up with the right stop motion style. We used a layer of drawing mimicking child-like tracing over it. We needed to perfect this as it would be the visual connection between Camlin and Britannia.


We knew that the story had to be told from the child’s voice so that his/her imagination to come to life. It was about a child who drew herself taking off in a rocket. Since this was a stop motion film, we needed to think of smart ways to convince the child actor that in reality her hands were the subject that needed to be animated. With a tight schedule at hand, we certainly put our heads together and soon, ideas started taking shape.


Under these unique circumstances, we took up direction role, where we often seemed to be directing the child as to what we needed. Since our film depended a lot on this, we made sure we made the girl comfortable enough so that she could express things in the right way. 

The script given was interesting in terms of the rhyming sections and tongue twisters that were given to us. But we needed the child voice artist to enunciate these lines, but with a level headed approach we were able to get this done too.


With this project with the agency we got a strong foothold and connected well with the teams involved. Both McCann teams and Britannia liked our work and entire approach to the project. It lay a strong foundation to a great relationship for Vivi5 Studios and the agency.




Creative Agency

Mc Cann Ericksen

Agency Director

Jamal Mansoor

Agency Client Servicing

Neha Kapoor


Mehul Mahicha

Art Direction

Rita Dhankani

2D Animation



Teekesh Kumawat

Stop Motion

Mehul Mahicha, Rita Dhankani, Teekesh Kumawat

V/O Artist


Child Artist

Prisha Shrimali

Sound Studio

Voice Box Productions