Bombay Citron Pressé

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Creative Director

Rita Dhankani

Executive Producer

Mehul Mahicha


Talenthouse AG opened an exciting competition which required creators to create fresh, eye-catching animated content that showed off the new Bombay Sapphire Presse. This is the perfect new summer drink that was infused with lemon-y zest and vibrant juniper notes. making this ideal to enjoy throughout summer.


We knew our film was aimed at touching the “feeling” that comes with this drink. To get a better perspective, we went through a lot of food and beverage ad films. We also did some research on how it felt like to separately consume the ingredients in this drink.


The idea was to create a non-narrative film that brought out the taste of this drink, and created an ambience that allowed us to bring out the feelings visually. After understanding what went into this blend, we started studying the ingredients that went into it, understanding their shape, size and composition. Once we had an understanding of this, we started to determine the sequence of shots and the colour palette. Again, this was all meant to bring out the fruity tones and the summer mix.


We decided to go for a unique treatment style, where the ingredients would be like 2D characters while the bottle would be in 3D. 

Once we had got clarity on all the necessary elements, we started to model the bottle, while that was happening we started animating all the 2D elements , the idea was to have them emerge out of the bottle, bring them up to one frame where they would all visible and then would drop down next to a glass filled with the gin. 

Our story was to take the viewer from the bottle to glass, giving them the experience of this drink.


This film won us the selected creator position in the Talenthouse competition for Bombay Sapphire. 



In-House films


Rita Dhankani


Mehul Mahicha

Project Lead

Manas Sarma


Aditya Mehta, Jeremy Pinto, Kiraan K, Aditya Sen