Design is the silent ambassador of your brand

-Paul Rand

Are you familiar with Harri U.P. from Bangalore? He is the man to call if you need a last-minute delivery.  From delivering packages on time across cities to delivering trending hook steps and going viral with puns on social media, Harri does it all.

Harri and Duniya are one of the first spirited Dunzo mascots the brand brings through its Brand Mascot Campaign for their delivery partners who in fact are the heart of all its communications. Eventually, the brand extends to a whole Duniverse with mascots encompassing their Delivery partners, merchants, and customers.

The Duniverse

When not facilitating our deliveries in the app, we find them in our social feed dancing to the tunes of the trends. In quite a short period of time, the brand has reached a massive 107k followers on its social media. What makes them a catch? It’s the representation of our diverse country that makes their characters appealing to every Indian. In their words, #VareityMakesUs.

Logos and Mascots

Logos are a combination of words, images, and colors that can be used to represent a brand or product to create a visual representation. It helps create your brand identity, make a strategic branding tool, and eventually strengthen your branding message.

The role of mascots in building brand recognition and strengthening your brand identity cannot be overstated. A well-designed mascot that appeals to human emotions will make your brand look more authentic, relatable, and humanized.

Mascots serve as a visual voice for your brand, giving your customers a better understanding of the brand and an awareness of what your company offers. Remember the Amul Girl, the blue-haired girl in a red polka-dot dress who became the country’s most famous advertising character. And still, it is looked upon as India’s voice, like R K Laxman’s ‘Common man’. 

Britannia the New Blue Cow Mascot TVC by Vivi5 Studios with McCann, Bangalore

Carving a Homegrown Identity?

As we can see logos and mascots gap a distinctive bridge between the brand and the audience. A visual identity sets your brand apart in a vast market of competitors and sets the tone for the brand image. A logo can represent the vision that you have for your brand, the service, and the product. A mascot can carry forward the emotional appeal, brand value, and a strong insight that is close to your brand principles. A few things to keep in mind when planning your Brand Identity with logo and mascot design –

  • More often people look into a logo to understand the brand story. So, it’s crucial to start with your brand story and let the visuals follow your journey.
  • Using a personal and relatable character a.k.a mascot helps your audience make a human connection with your brand.
  • Keep it simple and versatile. A Brand  Identity that stands the test of time and the waves of trends will be the most memorable.

Recapturing warmth in a logo

We had the chance to work with VS Mani & Co. and create a visual that conveys the story and roots of the company. GD Prasad the founder, had a simple vision with a story that had the potential to instantly make a connection with their audience. 

We wanted to capture the idyllic warmth of madras- the inspiration of the genesis of a wonderful cup of coffee and conversation.

As GD mentions “VS Mani & Co. is my attempt to recapture the familiar warmth and love that enveloped us. When you sample the wholesome delicacies that brought us together, I hope you are reminded of your home and family too.

Vivi5’s Logo design for VS Mani & co

We believe in telling a story with a strong identity design that your audience can remember. Logos and mascots carry the weight of a brand’s visual identity, it’s important to keep it simple and create a face that one can remember. In the wise words of Legendary Paul Rand, 

Design is the silent ambassador of your brand” 

We look forward to hearing your stories and creating unique brand identities that define you. Reach out to Vivi5 Studios with your stories and inquiries and leave it to us to write your story.

Written by Anisha Das