Animation helps NGOs and corporates to create a unique and memorable identity, making it easier to connect with their target audience and create impact. 

Toms: One for One, is a shoe company that has cracked the perfect communication. Through this heartwarming story, they’ve established that they are more than just shoes, they are a “the giving company”…. That’s some big shoes to fill. 

A still from TOMS: One For One

Impactful stories bring remarkable engagement

Social Awareness films have a critical role to play in addressing societal and environmental challenges. Their impact can be felt by investing in meaningful stories. It’s an essential communication tool in any brand’s CSR strategy. According to studies, campaigns born out of impactful messages really hit their stride by:

  • Targeting the right audience: We need to identify the right audience, the criteria being “who stands to benefit” from the spreading of this message.  
  • To the point: It’s better if we don’t beat around the bush, and create a clear message that constantly keeps the issues our audience faces in mind. 
  • Relevancy of initiative: Genuinity is added through a personal touch, brands and organisations should only pick up awareness topics that resonate with their cause. 
  • Mindfulness is key: Social awareness films require empathy. Being mindful and understanding the public sentiment is very important, otherwise your content can backfire. 

Overall, social awareness films are essential to position your brand/ organisation to be larger than its product/service.

Another compelling illustration

This heart-wrenching film created for Childline is a perfect example of the impactful use of metaphors, both narratively and visually. This creates a  layered story with a wholesome takeaway.

A still from Nobody Is Normal

These videos provide a simple, concise, and engaging way to explain complex topics to viewers. Typically, these videos combine aesthetic treatments, easy-to-understand graphics, appropriate voices and most of all an in-depth understanding of research on child psychology to explain… to explain a subject in an engaging and memorable manner, so they are easily understandable and memorable to the viewer.

Films for conservation

Our film, Paani is a collaboration with FES.Org India, a non-profit organisation with a mission to conserve water across India’s states, districts, and villages. 

A still from ‘Paani’ by FES.ORG

This film illustrates one of FES.Org’s efforts in which they make use of technology. Our approach was targeted at the rural population, so we need to connect with rooted experiences related to the management of common water resources at ground level. By empowering them to make informed decisions, the animation aims to encourage viewers to take the necessary steps to conserve water.

Animation helps NGOs and corporates to create a unique and memorable identity, making it easier to connect with their target audience and create impact. 

We believe that each project is unique, and our research-informed approach is tailored to meet your needs and goals. By creating a customized style, character design, and storyline we can elevate your organization’s brand and message. 

So….Let’s make an impact, together! 

Written By – Anisha Das